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We are a team at Simple Play. Our company structure is built for growth and advancement for all. If you have the drive to succeed, we are here to support you.​.....

Simple Play is Frontier's largest dealer on the East Coast. We are rapidly expanding across Connecticut and strive to be Frontier's top dealer nationwide. We have a proven business plan and a system that is second to none. With all of the opportunity to grow and succeed upon us, Simple Play is unstoppable. We have the most generous compensation plan, the best training methods, and a proven track record of success. Our incentive based company offers an alternative to the corporate environment where our sales reps can enjoy their time at work in a fun and professional environment with the opportunity to expand their careers  and earn a substantial income that can change their life. If you are driven and work hard, you can succeed with Simple Play, where we believe, the sky really is the limit. 



The photos in the slideshow below were taken at our Sales Kickoffs. Twice a year, Simple Play hosts a Sales Kickoff which is designed to push yourself to your maximum potential. We ask our sales reps to work harder than ever before to see what they are fully capable of. Incentives, positivity, and motivation surround everyone during these Kickoffs. Time and time again, we have seen the impossible happen and we have witnessed lives forever altered. During these events, we ask our sales reps to test their own abilities and we reward their effort with great prizes to accompany their large paychecks.

Another way we market to our customers is through events. We participate in home shows, flower and garden shows, fairs, festivals, and various other special events. Every sales rep has the opportunity to work a show.

Simple Play's foundation is our sales team. Everything we do as a company is for our reps benefit. We live event to event in order to motivate our sales reps and to promote ........

Simple Play uses a proven training method to teach our sales reps everything they need to know to be successful. Not only do we consistently train and retain our sales force but we ensure that they take advantage of every opportunity.

Next Day Pay! W2 Employees.

Frontier Sales 50K Yearly - 20 Hours Weekly.


Next Day Pay! W2 Employees. Frontier Sales 50K Yearly!

20 Hours Weekly. 

Our Unparalelled Success Has Created An Incredible Opportunity

Worldwide​ Sales Leader



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